The document scanning tool that simplifies your invoice processing.

In this digital world, most invoices are presented in some kind of digital way. Unfortunately the processing of these invoices is often still a manual exercise.

As a response many tools were created to automize data extraction from invoices. Although, through our experience, many of these tools are difficult to set up and are not as straight forward as the manual equivalent. That's why we developed PxL, a document scanning tool that focusses on usability and doesn't require you to be an IT genius to automize your invoice processing.

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How does PxL work?

Step 1 - forward your invoices directly

In the first step, you have to present your invoices to PxL via mail.

  • Forward your invoices manually as they arrive in your inbox or setup an automatic forwarding rule.
  • Once PxL receives an invoice it automatically extracts and structures the data for you.
  • All your invoices are now visible in the PxL dashboard.

Step 2 - process your invoices in PxL

In the next step, your invoices automatically get processed. This means PxL automatically matches the extracted data with desired fields such as document date, document number, total invoiced amount ...

  • PxL evaluates each invoice against a database of existing invoice templates.
  • Is the evaluation successful?
    • YES - perfect, you don't have to do anything.
    • NO - no problem, easily add a new template with the intuitive template editor.

Step 3 - import in your ERP

In the final step, you can import the generated data XMLs into your ERP.

Why PxL?

Easy as 1,2,3

You don’t need to be an IT genius to start processing invoices using the PxL dashboard.

PxL is designed with a focus on usability, which means no need for tedious setups or difficult processes.

Adding a new invoice template is as simple as a few mouse-clicks.

Cutting edge results